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Information for our international patients 

Your Injury.....our responsibility 

On the 1st of February 2007 the departments of orthopedic surgery of the clinics of Sindelfingen and Böblingen have been joined together at the hospital of Sindelfingen.

Under new guidance by Prof. Dr. Axel Prokop who came from Cologne a competent and motivated team of five senior physicians and 9 assistant doctors are ready to take on complete traumatology.

“The most important thing is that the patient is treated the best way and is completely content. We want to see our patients as customers, the customer is king.”

General practitioners and relatives should be joined to after care as soon as possible.

There will be a General practitioners callphone available for questions and quick admissions to hospital.

Main points in the clinic:

In our clinic the complete traumatology will be offered at the highest level and according to scientific standards. Furthermore there will be more focal points:

Central Trauma Center- your injury our responsibility

We are a more than a regional trauma center at Sindelfingen. The condition of an air-bound and earth-bound rescue system means a quick transport, because the factor “time” is of particular importance.

The earlier a patient can be operated the better are the results and the shorter is the after care period.

Spine Surgery

A main point will be spine surgery. Spine fractures with impending incorrect positions and paralysis are special dramatic and serious injuries. Besides percutaneous dorsal stabilizations we also offer ventral minimally invasive endoscopic techniques and percutaneous kyphoplasties, which make the spinal body straight again. With these keyhole operations only very small incisions with special instruments under sight control on a monitor are used. The advantage is evident. Patients suffer less pain and can quickly get up. Also vertebral bodies containing tumor can be replaced.

Children orthopedic surgery

Children have priority concerning treatment. It is no longer up to date to treat children with big casts and lying in bed, we can obtain a quick mobilization without big incisions and without pain. In fracture treatment techniques which do not strain children are of advantage. Fractures of children can be treated percutaneously with a kind of nail by two 0,5 cm big cuts within 30 minutes. The osteosyntheses can be loaded depending on the kind of fracture and made their way in children surgery.

Old age orthopedic surgery

Our older fellow citizens become more and more numerous. In 1990 only 15 % of the Germans were older than 65 years, in 2030 26 % and in 2050 28 % will have this age. The frequency of typical old age injuries such as radial fractures, femoral neck fractures, vertebral body fractures and periprothetic fractures increase dramatically. Only quick treatment makes an early weight bearing possible as well as quick recovery of mobility and incorporation into home environment.

Sport medicine

The most frequent fractures with sportsmen/women are clavicular fractures and distal radius fractures. New methods of intramedullary splinting of the clavicula are at our disposal. The time of loss of labour and of sport disability could be drastically reduced thereby.

The use of modern interlocking screws and plates with the distal lower arm fractures and of biodegradable implants in the proximal lower arm fractures makes sportsmen reach their capacities sooner without a later metal removal. Thereby a second operation can be avoided.

Hip- and Pelvis surgery

Another main point will be hip joint and pelvis surgery. The growing number of these operations with these often dramatic injuries makes a quick and tissue-saving therapy necessary. According to the fracture little incisions are used, navigation systems are employed. Thereby durable pains by early use and incorrect positions can be avoided. The same is valid for fractures of the joint and ankle fractures.

Ambulatory surgery

As often as possible, we will offer “small operations” like metal removal or hand and foot surgery as an outpatient procedure. If conditions are met, patients come in the morning and are able to go home in the afternoon.

Come and speak with us, our team is always at your disposal.