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Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine Herrenberg 

Chief physician: Dr. Winfried Schürmann

Appointment arrangement / patient registration
Tel. 07032 16-31500
Fax 07032 16-31591

Herrenberg Hospital
Marienstraße 25
71083 Herrenberg


The team around chief physician Dr. Winfried Schürmann ensures safe and careful accompaniment of patients during the operations and at the interdisciplinary intensive care unit. The clinic for anaesthesia and intensive care medicine is active on an interdisciplinary basis for all of the hospital’s other medical departments. The main task of the anaesthesia department is the implementation of anaesthetics and local anaesthetisation procedures. After the intervention the anaesthetist is responsible that you receive a good pain therapy. All modern central and local anaesthesia procedures are available for extensive complex operations as well as for short ambulant interventions. This is also especially important for our expectant mothers, who will be cared for at any time with all forms of modern pain therapy (such as PDA catheter). The humane and competent care opens us a new quality of life for many oncological patients.