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Radiology- Herrenberg Hospital 

For many years the cooperation with the radiological practice from Dr. Ulrich Schott has proven worthwhile in a special way. An efficient utilisation of the highly modern equipment is ensured as a result of the close integration of the practice in the everyday stationary routine. In addition to conventional imaging, the practice has computer tomography scanners & magnetic resonance scanners, and is well-known for its special competence in the field of interventional radiology (e.g. in the visualisation of vessels or in the insertion of vascular prostheses). This is why it is an important partner of the vascular surgical emphasis of the surgical clinic in Herrenberg. Examinations with the least possible radiation exposure are possible as a result of being equipped with the most modern devices. In August 2004, Dr. Schott installed an innovative magnetic resonance scanner. For instance, this first installation in Germany enables (through an open system) specialists to perform examinations of people with agoraphobia. In the event of emergency, the team from the radiological department is on standby around the clock for you.