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Medical Clinic IV – Gastroenterology / Oncology – Böblingen Clinics  


Chief physician: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Leser

Appointment arrangement / patient registration
Tel. 07031  668-22111
Fax 07031  668-22867

Sindelfingen-Böblingen Clinical Centre
Böblingen Clinics
Bunsenstrasse 120
71032 Böblingen

Treatment emphases for illnesses of the

  • intestinal tract

  • biliary tract

  • pancreas

The most modern ultrasound equipment and endoscopes as well as a laser device are available for diagnosis and therapy. Not only the detection of illnesses, but often also their ambulant or stationary treatment (under avoidance of surgical interventions) is possible with these devices and techniques. The treatment of malignant illnesses (oncology) constitutes an emphasis of this department. These illnesses will be diagnosed with modern techniques such as ultrasound, endoscopy and radiography (including computer tomography and magnetic resonance tomography). The solid cooperation of the departments in the establishment makes it possible to treat these illnesses jointly coordinated with chemotherapy, operation and radiotherapy.

An expression of this solid cooperation with regard to the care of tumour patients is a regularly occurring interdisciplinary tumour working group, in which the individual approach with particular tumour patents is jointly determined. In addition, these treatments will be supported as much as possible (including implementation of ambulant chemotherapies) on an ambulant basis within the scope of our oncological consulting hours.

Another important field of activity for the department lies in the care of patients with chronic inflammatory system diseases such as rheumatism, the treatment of thyroid diseases as well as the care of patients with diabetes. In addition to the offer of stationary training of diabetes patients with their relatives, here there is also the possibility of ambulant care of patients with hard-to-stabilise diabetes. Pregnant diabetic patients will be advised in cooperation with our gynaecological clinic within the framework of our diabetes consulting hours.