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Clinic for Orthopaedics - Sindelfingen Clinics 

Chief physician: Prof. Dr. Stefan Kessler

Appointment arrangement / patient registration
Tel. 07031 98-12482
Fax 07031 98-12493

Sindelfingen-Böblingen Clinical Centre
Sindelfingen Clinics
Arthur-Gruber-Str. 70
71065 Sindelfingen

Together with the Clinic for Accident Surgery, the Clinic for Orthopaedics constitutes the new emphasis centre for illnesses of the muscular-skeletal and locomotor systems. Since June 2003 the Clinic for Orthopaedics has been led by Prof. Dr. Stefan Kessler. Despite the nearby competition from Tübingen and Stuttgart, the orthopaedic clinic was able to substantially increase the number of treated patients in the past years. In particular, Dr. Kessler acquired a supra-regional reputation as a specialist for artificial joint replacement, mainly with hips and knee joints. Patients often come to him from far beyond the district boundaries. In addition to standard articular replacement, his spectrum encompasses minimal invasive operational techniques, bone-sparing implants such as cap prostheses on the hips and in particular prosthetic change operations. Over 160 such artificial joint change operations were carried out alone in the past year. A steadily increasing number of cases with lastly 1,200 artificial joint implantations in the past year impressively substantiate the competence of the orthopaedic clinic. Further likewise already established care emphases are spinal column surgical interventions (mainly in the form of intervertebral disk surgery), paediatric orthopaedic care as well as joint-saving orthopaedic surgery. The latter encompasses the entire spectrum of shoulder and knee joint surgery with ligament and cartilage replacement procedure, sports-orthopaedic measures, reconstructive forefoot surgery as well as rheumatic surgery. Prof. Dr. Kessler also possesses the full further training authorisation for this purpose. During the selection of the chief physician of the accident surgical clinic the managing director and supervisory board made sure that both chief physicians optimally complement each other: and so the new emphasis centre for illnesses of the muscular-skeletal and locomotor systems covers all areas of orthopaedic & accident surgical treatment.