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Clinic for Trauma Surgery - Sindelfingen Clinics 

Chief Physician Prof. Dr.
Axel Prokop

Appointment arrangement / patient registration
Tel. 07031 98-12422
Fax 07031 98-12842
E-Mail: or

Sindelfingen-Böblingen Clinical Centre
Sindelfingen Clinics
Arthur-Gruber-Str. 70
71065 Sindelfingen

The departments for trauma surgery from the Sindelfingen & Böblingen Clinics were consolidated on 1 February 2007. A competent and highly motivated team under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Axel Prokop is ready to assume the entire realm of traumatology.

“The most important thing is that the patient is treated as best as possible according to the most modern aspects and is absolutely satisfied. We want to see our patients as customers, and the customer is king!”

The close contact with patients and their relatives is important to us. For every patient who so desires, a telephone number will be placed in the files, and they will be called by the surgeon after the operation. The brief statement “everything went well” does not cost much time and also calms relatives as well as patients. Everyone who themselves have ever been operated on knows that. We will regularly conduct patient seminars for specific thematic blocks. For instance, back pains, knee joint and shoulder injuries, winter sports injuries as well as jogging and Nordic Walking under sports medicine aspects are to be mentioned as alternating themes. The house physicians will be included at an early point in the follow-up treatment. The patients will immediately receive medical reports and important images for optimal further treatment. There will be a “house physician mobile phone” for enquiries or in the event of rapid admissions. Close contact with the referring personnel is very important to us, in order to also take into consideration the desires of the resident colleagues. We want to create a regular forum in the form of talks in which new developments can be discussed informally. Topics in the further training courses certified by the medical association shall be discussed here.